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“ I have been having bi-weekly French lessons with Emilie for over a year now and I’ve improved beyond all expectations!

Emilie is an extremely engaging teacher and presents interesting topics to discuss which are always of interest to me. We, therefore, have very animated sessions & discussions, reading articles & books & sometimes even friendly arguments! We discuss travel, sport, French culture and of course French cuisine.

I thoroughly enjoy my lessons!

She has kept my focus for over a year and I’m looking forward to the next year already .”



“ Emilie is a brilliant teacher, she combines interesting stories and conversation in an engaging way.

So we learn and have fun at the same time.

She has a charming personality which makes our weekly French lessons a joy we look forward to eagerly.

She has helped us improve in leaps and bounds which is quite an achievement. 



“ When Emilie and I began working together, I hadn’t used my high school French for 30 years! I was both very rusty and extremely timid. Emilie immediately put me at ease. Her lessons are always dynamic, packed with excellent instruction and really fun. Our lively discussions include everything from current events to pop culture -- and she makes sure that I am learning all along the way.

I wholeheartedly recommend French Smile! 



A University Lecturer

“ For me, learning French as a completely new language sounds like a daunting task, but Emilie was able to make me feel at ease.

She is methodological and innovative in her teaching,  and extremely patient. What’s more, Emilie’s French lessons are never boring which makes the whole learning process so enjoyable!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to take up French. 


Hong kongese,

PhD Student in History

“ Learning French is always on my bucket list but life was always too busy.  As I am now a full time student, learning is a priority and naturally I decided to pick up French.  I remember telling Emilie when I first started that my only aim is to be able to read some historical papers in French.  She promised me that it will happen and guess what ?  Now, I can!  I am glad that I listened to her and let her guide me. I am impressed by how seriously Emilie treats her teaching  – it is not just her job but her passion and ambition.  Her lessons are always fun but structured and she is flexible but disciplined.  

French Smile – a unique learning experience !"


Hong Kongese,

Director, Bumblebee Studio

“ Lessons with Emilie are extremely enjoyable, she is an amazing tutor, she makes the learning experience super fun, and minimum stress.
The learning activities varied and relevant, French artists exhibition visit, Mardi Gras pancake cooking … I learn not only the language but also the French culture. 
From the first lesson, we talk ONLY in French, she taught me how to express the phrase in other way if I don’t know the vocabulary. I’m confidence to speak in French after few months’ lessons. 




Hong Kongese

“ Emilie's French lessons are highly engaging and interesting as you not only learn about the language but also about French culture and world affairs. She is always bright, cheerful, and encouraging which has motivated me to push myself further.

I remember first learning how to describe the weather and now I can read whole novels in French!

Merci beaucoup Emilie! ”


Chinese, Lebanese, American

Student at CIS

我從小常常會都和家人說法語。但隨著年齡的增長,我意識到我的語法和寫作不是太好的。我的法語不像母語人士那麼好,因為我只是和我的表兄弟和父親說話。我和Emilie上課之前,我試了和幾位老師。 Emilie現在快教我3年了,她是最好的法語老師。我可以看出來她對教學的熱情在她的課堂上。與許多教師不同,她不僅教授語法和技術工作,還設法將法國文化融入在她的課堂裡。她為每個學生單獨量身定制所有課程,這使她的課程既愉快又令人興奮。我進步了很多,每個星期會期待她的課。 ”


Hong kongese,




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