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French Smile



HONG KONG •  DUBAI •  NY • SGP ...  

French Smile offers unique face-to-face and online classes to help you discover the French language and culture, no matter where you are in the world. 


Whether you are a passionate Francophile, a middle/high school student, a busy professional, or an upcoming traveler, each lesson is tailored to your linguistic level, interests, and needs. Our personalized approach ensures superior results and helps you meet your specific goals.




 • Personal or Professional Projects:

Receive guidance and support for specific personal or professional endeavors.

 • Conversation Practice:

Engage in diverse topics such as French literature, art, news, sports, traditions, etiquette, fashion, cuisine, lifestyle, and cultural differences.

 • Professional French Skills:

Improve your French for a professional environment. Did you know French is the second most useful language in the world for business?

 • Exam Preparation:

Achieve top results in IGCSE, IB, DELF, TEF,  and other international exams.

 • And More:

Whatever your specific needs, we tailor our lessons to help you succeed.



Book a complimentary online session where we can connect, understand your needs, and create the perfect learning plan to help you succeed.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Based in Hong Kong I founded French Smile in 2013.

I use my knowledge in both creativity & education to develop a unique approach of teaching.
My passion for dialogue, culture & language is the storyline of an adventure which started in Asia a decade ago. My international experience gives me the opportunity to teach students & customers from all over the world & organise workshops in many countries.

I also create unique pedagogic material & publish books about French culture & language keeping in mind that simplicity & pleasure are the best ingredients for learning.

These past 10 years I have collaborated with many international organisations such as : ​

The logo of the International French School of Hong Kong
The logo of Alliance Française Hong Kong.
The logo of the French consulate in Hong Kong.
The logo of Institut Français.
The logo of Hong Kong Book Fair
When you are learning a language, it’s also important that you understand the culture. On French Smile's blog you’ll find articles about French culture and traditions but also on French events in Asia.

If you wish to read about a specific topic, send me a message.


The past 15 years I had the opportunity to live in different countries in Asia & Europe and teach students & customers from all over the world. 


You can read some of my customers & students' testimonials here.  


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I provide customised services to cater to the unique and specific requirements of my clients. This includes offering translations, interpretation services, intensive programs and more.

Through this personalised approach, I aim to meet the needs of discerning clients who seek a premium service in order to save their most precious asset: TIME.

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