...Draw me a shape

2017 - Workshops - LFI Hong Kong (GS - CP - CE1 - CE2)

2016 - Workshops - LFI Hong Kong (GS)
2012 - Lectures & Workshops - LFI Singapore (From GS to high school)
2011 - Lectures & Workshops - LFI Singapore

WHO - this workshop is suitable for all kind of people without distinction of age or culture. It has been presented in different international schools & cultural centers around Asia.
This is the initial workshop of a series of others, such as:
…Draw me a Logotype
For group or individual, the participants can learn how to create an identity—from logotype to complete branding.
This workshop makes discover the basics of graphic design: meaning of the shapes, of the colors, typography and others; by using dialogue & entertaining activities. A final project, which can be adjusted for each group, is created:illustration of a book/story, creation of pictures for an exhibition, mural painting…
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